Key Points to Remember For Air Conditioning Installation

An air conditioning system installed in your home circulates air through the use of supply and return ducts. If you want to have a home that is comfortable even when temperatures outdoors are sizzling, you need an air conditioning system that is adequately installed. Installation of your air conditioning system is critical when you are looking to get efficiency, longevity and safety out of your central air conditioning unit.

But before you go ahead with air conditioning installation, there are some key points that you should consider, including:

  1. Space

  2. Guidelines

  3. Registers

  4. Installation quality

  5. Charge checking


Let’s take a closer look at these key points.

Adequate Space This is something that is often overlooked by some inferior Air Conditioning Companies. Adequate space for installation and maintenance of your AC unit indoors is incredibly important. An access door should be installed in the duct to allow for cleaning of the evaporator coil. This will ensure that your air conditioning system is functioning at a high level of efficiency for a long period of time. Duct Size Guidelines The size of duct that is required for your air conditioning system is contingent on guidelines that have already been set. It is important that your AC system is installed using duct size methodology that is outlined in the ACCA manual. Checks Registers It is also critical to the installation of your AC system that the number of registers within the home are checked. A sufficient amount of registers are needed to ensure that cool air is delivered and returned back to the air conditioner  properly. Not having enough registers can hinder the operation of your central cooling unit. Installation of Duct Work Another key to remember involves the installation of duct work. All duct work for your air conditioning system should be installed without using the attic space whenever possible. All duct work should also be sealed with duct mastic. Refrigerant Charge Checking Ensuring that the newly installed air conditioning system has the correct amount of refrigerant charge based on manufacturer airflow rates is also essential. The thermostat for the system should also be placed away from heat sources and windows. All of the above keys for air conditioning system installation are extremely important. The ability to cool your home efficiently and safely is dependent upon if these keys are adequately followed during installation.

Commercial Refrigeration Is Essential If You Own a Restaurant, Cafe or Coffee Shop

If you own a restaurant, café or coffee shop, chances are you need peace of mind from knowing that your food is properly stored. Commercial refrigeration is the most effective way to provide cold storage of all the food and beverage items that are integral to the operation of your food-related business. But not only do you need adequate space that is only possible from commercial refrigeration, you also need reliability that you can depend on – reliability that will see you through tougher times.

What Benefits Can Be Gained from Commercial Refrigeration? There are many benefits that you can get access to by simply choosing commercial refrigeration for your restaurant, café or coffee shop. Not only does this type of commercial appliance make finding what you need easier, but it also keeps produce and all food items fresh, crisp and cold for longer periods of time. Even prepared foods will maintain their integrity much longer when kept in a commercial refrigerator. It is possible to purchase a commercial refrigerator in a variety of sizes to help you meet all of your needs. If the storage of food id integral to your business, commercial refrigeration is the ideal option. What is the Big Difference? Some restaurant, café and coffee shop owners might be tempted to save money by opting for residential refrigeration over commercial refrigeration. However, this is not a good way to cut costs. In the long run, residential refrigeration is much more costly and will not be sufficient for storing your food. Residential refrigeration is inferior because it does not offer the same amount of space or power that commercial refrigeration provides. There are even legal and safety guidelines that stipulate commercial refrigeration is the necessary option. Why Commercial Refrigeration is Essential Investing is a commercial refrigerator allows you to meet all safety and legal business codes. The cove design of the interior allows for easy cleaning and increases organization. Finding what you need quickly only increases overall efficiency. The design of commercial refrigerators is also up-to-date with current health code requirements and the power that is provided allows you to keep your refrigeration system set within two degrees of the temperature. This type of refrigeration is also constructed using only commercial-grade materials that are resistant to bacteria and designed for commercial heavy use. Failing to choose commercial refrigeration could lead to a variety of problems that you want no part of.

4 Best Practices All Air Conditioning Companies Should Follow

Having your air conditioning system installed and maintained properly is essential. There are a number of benefits that can be gained through choosing an air conditioning company that maintains high standards and follows only the best practices in the industry. These benefits include efficiency, effectiveness and longevity of your air conditioning system. This means that if you want the ability to save money in the long run and ensure that the air quality within your home is optimal, you need to be careful with your air conditioning company selection.

When you are choosing an air conditioning company, these are the 4 best practices to look for:

  1. Annual maintenance
  2. MERV rating
  3. Protect air conditioning system
  4. Adequate installation

Let’s take a look at these best practices in greater detail.

1 Annual Maintenance It is essential that yearly maintenance is performed on your air conditioning system. Many of the best air conditioning companies offer annual service programs designed to inspect your unit and look for signs of damage or wear. This type of annual inspections allows for all problems with your air conditioning unit to be noticed right away. 2 MERV Rating Having an air conditioning system that runs efficiently is reliant on having an air filter installed that meets the required MERV ratings. The best air conditioning companies in the industry make it a point to install filters designed to work efficiently. High quality filters have the ability to pull fine particles from the air and improve air quality immensely. This means that the MERV rating of air filter is important and you need a company that follows established air filter rating guidelines. 3 Protect Air Conditioning System It is not enough for your air conditioning system to be inspected once a year. It is also essential that you choose an air conditioning company that puts a premium on air conditioning protection. By cleaning and protecting the coil fins, condensate drain and all outdoor AC units, your air conditioning system will work effectively each year and last longer. You need an air conditioning company that practices protection. 4 Adequate Installation Having your air conditioning system properly installed is essential. The best air conditioning companies make sure that you have an air conditioning system installed that is properly sized, connected to a well-sealed duct system, operating with a sufficient airflow system and installed with the right amount of refrigerant. These are just some of the best practices to look for in an air conditioning company within your region.

Air Conditioning – Repair Tips That Can Save You Money

Your air conditioner is important because it keeps your home cool and comfortable even as temperatures outdoors continue to rise. However, over time your air conditioning system can wear or become damaged requiring repair. If you are looking to save money on air conditioning repairs, it is important that you make maintenance of your AC unit a priority.

Here are a few air conditioning repair tips that will save you money in the long run: Replace Air Conditioning Filters If you are looking to avoid clogs and blocked airflow within your air conditioner, you need to change the air filter regularly. This is an expensive way to avoid major issues down the road. If airflow becomes obstructed due to a dirty filter, this can lead to major repair issues involving the evaporator coil. Not only can replacing your filter regularly ensure that the evaporator coil maintains proper heat absorbency, but it can also reduce the totalling consumption of your cooling unit by more than 5%. Check Your Evaporator Coil Annually Changing your air filter regularly can help you avoid major repairs involving your evaporator coil, but you should still change this part once a year. Your evaporator coil will collect dirt over time and needs to be replaced to ensure that airflow is not restricted. If it is not very dirty, you can simply clean it thoroughly to keep a major repair need from happening. Coil Fin Repair If your coil fins on your Air conditioning system are not functioning properly, you may be able to repair them on your own. These aluminium fins will start to bend automatically overtime, which can lead to blocked airflow. However, it is possible to purchase a tool that is referred to as a fin comb. This comb can be used to comb back the fin coils to their original position. All you need is this affordable and easy to use tool to get the job done. You can avoid costly repairs if you do this on your own. Condensate Drains If you want to avoid expensive repairs involving your condensate drains on your air conditioning system, you must maintain these drains by pushing a stiff wire brush through the unit drain channels periodically. This keeps the unit from reducing humidity. All of these tips and quick fixes will keep you from having to spend excessive amounts of money on air conditioning repairs in the future.