There is a well-known law of Murphy that states, when you are at your busiest, commercial refrigeration such as your display fridge, commercial freezer, catering fridge or under counter freezer will always give up the ghost – and if you’re really unlucky, they’ll all go on the blink at the same time, leaving you high and dry, and usually with a big fat financial headache.

So it is just as well that ACL refrigeration & Air Conditioning is on hand to rescue you in your hour of need – and just like any good emergency service, or lycra-clad superhero, we’ll swoop in, and solve your catering catastrophe and get you back in business in no time.

Commercial Refrigeration Servicing & Spares

We stock an impressive collection of spare parts for a huge range of:

  • Catering fridges
  • Commercial freezers
  • Display fridges
  • Undercounter freezers

For brands such as

  • Porkka
  • Sadia
  • Williams
  • Foster
  • Gram and
  • Caravell

And if we haven’t got them, we will make sure we can, so that we can bring your catering fridges and freezers back to life in a jiffy.

Of course, if you need something else for your commercial kitchen, and you’re not sure where to find it, why not give us a call – we’ll be happy to help.