ACL Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Where The Customer Is King!

At ACL Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we’re proud to work with some of the largest manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment in the UK, such as Williams Refrigeration, and we think we’re pretty good at supplying you with what you need in your quest for all things cold.

Whether you are an individual customer who just needs a small commercial fridge servicing/repairing or one of the big guns from the commercial, corporate and retail world, who needs a full refrigeration system overhaul, we’ll be there (cue for a song, anyone?).

So rather like all good emergency services, we promise to get to you quickly, and if you have a problem with your air conditioning and refrigeration kit, we’ll aim to get the job done and get out of the way without delay, so you have minimum downtime.

  • General Breakdowns & Maintenance … pay as you go breakdown and service
  • Service Contracts … providing proof of maintenance to EHI
  • Maintenance and Service Contracts … providing proof of maintenance to EHI and covers all labour including breakdowns

We can give you a tailor-made menu of services, that you can pick and choose from, according to your own personal needs. Flexible AND nice. Whatever next!

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