Keep Cool With Professional Air Conditioning Installation

Keep Cool With Professional Air Conditioning Installation

It’s Hot Hot Hot – But you don’t have to be with Air Conditioning Installation from ACL Refrigeration

Our few days of extreme summer heat in Britain have arrived. Brilliant if you are lucky enough to be sat by a pool or one of our beautiful beeches, but not so good if you are stuck in a workplace without air conditioning. 

Air Conditioning Installation Leeds

ACL Refrigeration are experts in Air Conditioning Installation. Why not get in touch for a highly competitive quote for a brand new Air Con Install? Not only will it keep you comfortable in the current heatwave we are experiencing, but come winter the unit can be used as an energy efficient source of heating too! 

Already have an air conditioning unit that’t not pulling its weight? We are here to hep with that also. Speak to one of our skilled engineers today who will be happy to call out and quote you for a maintenance service package, or should the need arise – a full new system at an affordable price.

Air Conditioning Installation LeedsFor more information on how we can help your workplace, bar, club, restaurant, office or domestic property please Get In Touch today or call 0113 350 2989.


HVAC An Alternative to Central Heating

Heating your home or workplace is now more expensive than it has ever been previously.

The ‘big six’ energy firms have been warned by Ofgem not to raise their prices again, but as this article shows, the energy companies look set to ignore this warning citing an underestimation on the part of the regulator.

With zero value being given to customers from the profiteering companies it is time to look into alternative ways of heating your home or office. Central Heating is by far the biggest expense when it comes to providing warmth to your home. Whether it’s Gas, Oil or Electric Central Heating – they all burn lots of energy and are not that efficient.

Sadly for some of the more vulnerable in our society, the cost of heating their property has become unaffordable.

One alternative that has received a lot of press and TV coverage is Solar Panels. Although expensive to install initially Solar has become a long-term solution to lowering the cost of energy bills. They are however quite unsightly and they do take quite a while to start recouping the initial outlay.
So what can you do?

HVAC units are a cost effective way of heating your home and have the added benefit of providing cooling during the warmer months – when we are lucky enough to experience them!
HVAC – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning – units can be installed in rooms starting from around a few hundred pounds and are an energy efficient way of heating a room. They work quickly and use much less energy than electric central heating by comparison.

If you are fed up of lining the energy companies pockets with profit while they regularly increase prices then thinking about the inclusion of HVAC units can really save you a fee quid.
For more information on how ACL Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd can help and advise you on suitable options for your home and business, please get in touch today!