A Look At The Different Types Of Air Conditioning Units

Perhaps unsurprisingly air conditioning comes in many different shapes and styles. Some of this is governed by customer taste and making sure there is something to suit everyone but a lot of it is down to the capabilities of different units and making sure that there are different systems to suit the needs of everyone.

This is good news because it means that there is something to suit everyone, including specifications needed and budget.

Small Split System

If you are looking for a small or basic air conditioning unit then a small split system unit could be perfect for you. These are generally used in places where just one room needs to be air conditioned at a time.

This type of system is made up of a small indoor unit which is in charge of cooling and heating the air. This is connected to a small outdoor unit which allows unwanted heat from outside to be kept there. Even once you decide you would like a split system unit there are different brand name and types to look at, so make sure you do a little research to see what is going to suit you and your needs best.

Medium Split System

If when you assess your needs you decide a small split system isn’t going to be up to the job then you might want to step it up a gear and get something slightly larger. A medium split system works in much the same way as the smaller sized air conditioning unit. The main difference is the capability of these larger units, which will be able to air condition more than one room within a home or business premises at a time.

Multi-Split System

If you have a larger premises that you want to air condition then a multi-split system could be the right choice for you. These are suitable for office suites and even larger apartments. They are connected to a bank of outdoor units, which are usually stored either on the roof of a building or in a central room designed to house these units safely.

Industrial Cooling

If you have a large premises and you want to make sure that the whole place is temperature controlled then you might want to look at larger industrial cooling units. These work in much the same way as smaller units, they’re just more tailored towards larger premises where a smaller unit just won’t do the job.

A Look At The Refrigerant Used In Air Conditioners

For an air conditioning unit to work it needs to have a refrigerant added to it. This works within the coils of air conditioning units to cool and dehumidify indoor air – which is exactly what we want air conditioning units to do. As you might expect, the refrigerant we use has changed over the years – after all, technology is always bringing us new options and air conditioning units are certainly no exception.

Previous Refrigerant: R-22

In the past air conditioners have used a refrigerant called R-22. Most (if not all) air conditioning units used to use this refrigerant. However, it was discovered just a few years ago that R-22 contains an ozone-depleting chlorine. The fact that it is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) means that the government took steps to phase out the use of this type of refrigerant. Now you won’t find any new units with this type of coolant and even older units are having this phased out. Now thanks to the Clean Air Act of 2010 the manufacture of systems that need this has been prohibited. In fact by 2020 the production of R-22 itself will stop, so all of these systems will need to be replaced.

What We Use Now: R-410A.

Since R-22 is no longer seen as a viable option, it makes sense that there needed to be an alternative. Now you’ll see that most cooling systems now use R-410A as their choice of refrigerant. This refrigerant has no chlorine and therefore is seen as ozone-friendly – great news!

Another great thing is that this type of refrigerant used in the right way can actually be much more efficient that previous coolant products so as well as being great for the environment; it can be great for your bank balance too!

Buying a Unit

If you’re looking to buy an air conditioning unit then make sure you buy an R-410A system now. It is not possible to buy R-22 units new but there could be some second-hand systems out there. What you need to remember is that over the next few years R-22 will stop being made altogether and this could mean that you’re left with a system that doesn’t work. Instead it is far better to look ahead and buy a system that you know is going to work in the long term.

A Quick Look At Back Bar Bottle Coolers

If you work in the hospitality industry then it stands to reason you are going to want to make sure that you do everything you can to keep food and drink fresh. Most people are aware of the need for decent commercial fridge and freezer set-ups to ensure that food is kept to the high health and safety standards demanded of food made for public consumption.

However, you also need to give consideration to the rest of the customer experience and make sure that everything is perfect – which includes giving them ice cold drinks. For this reason you need to look at some sort of back bar bottle cooler system, so that drinks are kept cool.

The good news is that if you look into bar coolers and refrigerators you’ll find that there are lots of different choices for you. This means that whatever you are looking for, you can feel confident that there will be something to suit you and match your needs.

Choosing The Right System

First of all you need to think about how much space you have available. Usually bars are quite limited where space is concerned so you obviously don’t want to end up with a set of back bar bottle coolers that are too big. Think about how much space you have available and make sure that whatever you do invest in is going to fit in the space available.

You’ll also need to think about how many bottles you are likely to need to store at any one time. A lot of this will come down to how busy you think your establishment is going to be, after all you’re going to want to make sure that you have enough for everyone.

When you do look into back bar bottle coolers try  to make sure you buy something that is rated as energy efficient. This can really help with running costs, after all these systems are going to be switched on all of the time so you really want to try and avoid something that is too expensive to run!

On top of all of that, you want something that is going to fit in with the style and decor of your premises. The good news is that there are lots of different types available, so finding something that looks exactly how you need it to should not be too much of a hassle at all.

How Long Will A Commercial Freezer Stay Cold For If It Breaks?

No one wants to think about their freezer at home breaking, let alone a commercial system not working as it should. At the end of the day, the chances are you have lots of expensive food stored ready to serve to your customers so when a freezer stops working this is far from ideal.

The good news is that if your freezer breaks, it isn’t going to ruin all of your food completely – because the inside of the unit will stay frozen for at least a little while. It is hard to say exactly how long a freezer will stay cold once it stops working, simply because there are so many conditions that could affect it.

How Long Will My Freezer Stay Cold?

If the weather is very warm then this could have a massive affect on how long the freezer works. When the weather is warm freezers have to work harder in order to freeze food thoroughly, so it stands reason that if this doesn’t work then the food inside could be ruined quicker.

The amount of food you have stored in the freezer will have a massive affect on how quickly it defrosts too. If the freezer is packed solid then foods will keep each other cool and keep everything frozen much longer.

How Can I Keep It Colder For Longer?

The conditions in which you keep your freezer will also affect how quickly it defrosts. You really want to make sure that warm air is not let into the unit wherever possible. Try to avoid opening the freezer door unless you really need to. If you do need to open it then get everything out of it that you need so you don’t need to keep coming back to open it again.

If you notice that food is left on a shelf  on its own then try to move this so that it is near other food as this will help everything to be kept as cold as possible.

It goes without saying that if your commercial freezer unit stops working then you need to look at getting this repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Make sure you have details of freezer maintenance companies and suppliers on hand, so if you ever need them you know you can call them without having to spend ages hunting out and researching the number.