How Long Will A Commercial Freezer Stay Cold For If It Breaks?

No one wants to think about their freezer at home breaking, let alone a commercial system not working as it should. At the end of the day, the chances are you have lots of expensive food stored ready to serve to your customers so when a freezer stops working this is far from ideal.

The good news is that if your freezer breaks, it isn’t going to ruin all of your food completely – because the inside of the unit will stay frozen for at least a little while. It is hard to say exactly how long a freezer will stay cold once it stops working, simply because there are so many conditions that could affect it.

How Long Will My Freezer Stay Cold?

If the weather is very warm then this could have a massive affect on how long the freezer works. When the weather is warm freezers have to work harder in order to freeze food thoroughly, so it stands reason that if this doesn’t work then the food inside could be ruined quicker.

The amount of food you have stored in the freezer will have a massive affect on how quickly it defrosts too. If the freezer is packed solid then foods will keep each other cool and keep everything frozen much longer.

How Can I Keep It Colder For Longer?

The conditions in which you keep your freezer will also affect how quickly it defrosts. You really want to make sure that warm air is not let into the unit wherever possible. Try to avoid opening the freezer door unless you really need to. If you do need to open it then get everything out of it that you need so you don’t need to keep coming back to open it again.

If you notice that food is left on a shelf  on its own then try to move this so that it is near other food as this will help everything to be kept as cold as possible.

It goes without saying that if your commercial freezer unit stops working then you need to look at getting this repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Make sure you have details of freezer maintenance companies and suppliers on hand, so if you ever need them you know you can call them without having to spend ages hunting out and researching the number.

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