Is Your Air Conditioning Unit Leaking Water? What Does It Mean?

Although owning an air conditioner can be quite advantageous for homes that generally experience an ample amount of warm weather, they can be equally confusing for first-time air conditioner owners.  If you notice that your air conditioner is leaking water, there could be a numerous amount of different reasons as to why.  With that being said, it can be advantageous to seek the assistance of an air conditioning professional to repair the conditioning unit as soon as possible.

Below are typical reasons as to why your air conditioner is leaking.

Note:  It is normal for your air conditioner to cause a small amount of condensation due to the dehumidifying process, though puddles of water are not normal.

Broken Pumps

The most common issue with air conditioning units is that their pump may be broken.  In order to determine whether this applies to you, pour water into the condenser pan to see if it can sufficiently pump out the excess water.  If it doesn’t, check the power to the pump, if it has enough power it could be the condenser or the motor.  At this time, consult a professional to determine what the source of the issue may be.

Improper Installation

Although you may have assumed that you could have installed the air conditioning unit on your own, leaking water is a tell-tale sign of a unit that has been improperly installed.  If the unit isn’t level or is receiving too much pressure, it may begin to create pools of water.  First check to see if the air conditioner is level, if it is then consider checking if any vents in your home are closed.  Generally closed vents put more pressure on the air valves, causing them to leak.

Blockage of the Drain Hole

Each air conditioning unit is equipped with a drain hole that can sometimes be blocked with dirt and other types of debris.  Considering that your unit is outside, it is quite likely that you could be experiencing a drain hole blockage.  In order to determine whether this is the problem or not, consult the tubing of your unit.  If there is a blockage, clear it out and you could notice if the water exits the condenser pan properly.  If so, the pooling of water should stop.

With the use of an air conditioning unit, you can experience comfort during the summer and winter.  With the use of the above tips, you may be able to diagnose the problem with your air conditioning unit if you are noticing that it is leaking.

Air Conditioning Servicing – How To Know When You Need It

Air Conditioning Servicing Plans

For some people, paying out for a contract based air conditioning servicing plan is just not worth it. When you’re having to pay monthly or yearly for a contracted servicing plan the cost of doing so can really mount up – especially if nothing wrong is ever found with your air conditioning – it becomes a massive waste of money. Rather than do this, you should just pay for your air conditioning servicing as and when it is needed, but how do you know when the time has come for your air conditioning to be looked at? Thankfully there are several signs you can look out for which means  that you can get it serviced at the start of the problem rather than it being ignored until the problem becomes a much bigger one.

Your Air Conditioning Unit Becomes Noisy

By design, air conditioning units are meant to be quiet when they are running. If your unit is running quietly then this is usually a good sign that it is running efficiently. If you find that your air conditioning unit suddenly starts becoming more noisy then it is probably time to call your servicing guys in to give it a once-over. Excessive noise from your air conditioning unit could point to a number of issues, so it is best to get it looked at as soon as possible.

Airflow Becomes Ineffective

The airflow of your air conditioning unit will lessen naturally depending on the age of your air filter, but it is still something that is worth keeping an eye on. It is a good idea to change your air filter regularly to make sure that you get the maximum airflow when your air conditioning unit is switched on. If you find that your airflow lessens then it could be time to look at calling in someone to take a look – they can tell you whether the problem is your air filter or something a little more serious.

Hot Air

One of the biggest signs that something could be up is your air conditioning unit blowing out air that is much warmer than it used to be. Your air conditioning unit should be blowing out cool air and if this stops then you’ll want to get someone to take a look at this. Another thing to keep an eye on is whether it takes longer than usual to get the air that is blowing out to the right temperature, if this happens then it is time to call in your chosen air conditioning servicing team.