How Much Food Is Wasted Due To A Lack Of Commercial Refrigeration Servicing?

In 2010 it was reported by The Independent that UK restaurants waste 600,000 tons of food a year. At the time, this wastage was blamed on the growing popularity of ‘US-style portions’ as it was found that one-third of that 600,000 tons of waste was left on customers’ plates.

But what about the other 400,000 tons?

It’s fair to assume that at least 50,000 tons of food is wasted every year due to commercial refrigeration break downs and failures – break downs and failures that may arise from a lack of commercial refrigeration servicing and maintenance. This food, if thawed or heated to room temperature, would have to be thrown out by restaurants as the risk of serving it to customers is too great.

A lack of commercial refrigeration servicing and maintenance may not lead to one large appliance failure though – as components age and breakdown, an appliance – for example a cold room – becomes less efficient. The ability for that appliance to keep food at a consistent temperature is compromised which may lead to partial thawing, partial cooling, and dodgy food. Again, this food would have to be thrown away, which over a year would cost a restaurant a considerable amount of money.

Restaurants can avoid this by simply getting their appliances properly serviced.

So when should I have commercial refrigeration servicing carried out?

Commercial refrigeration, like all refrigeration applications, needs maintenance and servicing. How often your commercial refrigeration needs servicing will depend on the make and model of the appliances you have, as well as the level of use that those appliances experience. But in general, at ACL Refrigeration we tend to recommend that companies with commercial refrigeration have their appliances serviced every 12 months. This ensures that an appliance runs efficiently throughout the year and minimises the risk of down-time, which could prove extremely costly, as we discussed above.

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