How HVAC Units can Reduce your Heating Bills

The yearly cost to heat a home is now at an all time high, and the same can be said of office space, too.

Back in October, The Guardian reported that the six big energy firms raised their prices toward the end of the year despite a drop in wholesale costs. Savings made from the drop in wholesale prices were never passed on to the consumer, and only a few days ago, the Daily Record reported SSE being on target for a whopping £1.54bn profit – just months after the price hike.

With energy firms ripping home owners and businesses off, it makes sense to look into alternative ways to heat your property. After all, why should you contribute to the growth of any company that doesn’t repay its loyal customers?

The biggest expense when it comes to heating a home is central heating. There are three main types of central heating – gas central heating, oil central heating, and electric central heating. None of these systems are energy efficient. They all guzzle energy and whatever their energy source is, that is then converted into producing heat. If you have a four bedroom family home, this means that a lot of energy will be required to heat it during the winter months.

In fact, it could become unaffordable.

So what to do?

Well, there are many homeowners throughout the UK that are taking on solar panels to provide eco-friendly energy for their homes. Solar panels have gotten so good now that they can realistically heat a whole home after a day’s sunlight. The only trouble with solar technology is that it’s expensive to integrate, and although it does offer emission free energy, you won’t get a return on investment within the first few years of installation.

At ACL Refrigeration, we recommend HVAC units to heat a home in a more cost-effective manner than central heating.

HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning. HVAC units are installed onto interior walls just below the ceiling. These are then controlled via remote control, in the same way a traditional air conditioning unit would be. These excellent appliances can blow warm air or freezing cold air, and they will heat the rooms of your home quickly. Because of their compact size, they can also be integrated anywhere, including within any outbuilding.

HVAC units use electricity as their power source, but much less so than the likes of an electric central heating system.

Plus, you have the balance of that cold air in the summer.

So, if you’re sick of receiving sky high energy bills, consider a HVAC unit – it could save you a fortune.