Pub Landlords – How to Choose the Right Refrigeration

As someone who is in charge of the smooth running of a pub, you’ll need to give careful consideration to the type of refrigeration you have in your premises. At the end of the day you want food and drink to be stored safely and your customers want to be served cold drinks and choosing the right type of refrigeration is vital to making sure that this happens.

Reach-In Coolers

These are the type of coolers that are usually found in the kitchen. Generally these are used to store large volumes of food and drink and as the name suggests are designed to be reached into to find the items that they need to get. Generally these don’t take up much room and are a good way of storing items in bulk.

Walk-In Coolers

These are also designed to store loads of items inside, but as the name suggests they are refrigerators that you walk into rather than reach into. You’ll need a bit of room to have one of these but they are handy if you have large amounts to store, so for example if you’re in charge of a pub that sells food.

Bar Refrigerators

You’ll also need to think about bar refrigerators, because this is where you’ll store drinks to make sure that they stay cool. It is important that you give consideration to these, because you need a set up that is going to stay the right temperature even when doors are being opened and closed all day which lets warm air in.

Choosing The Right System

Whether you’re looking for bar refrigerators, walk-in coolers or another type of refrigerator you need to make sure that it is right for your needs. One thing to make sure you check is the energy efficiency of the system you choose. These are going to be switched on all of the time, so you want something that is not going to cost you too much to run.

On top of that you want to make sure that whatever you choose, it is a refrigerator that really works. Have a look online and read reviews of the make/model you are interested in, this should give you a good idea whether it is going to give you good value for money or not.

Just make sure that you measure the area you have available for your refrigerators so that you can make sure that whatever type of refrigerator you buy, it is going to fit into the space you have available.

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