Top Tips For Keeping Stainless Steel Clean

Stainless steel is robust and hygienic which makes it the ideal material for kitchen work surfaces, commercial refrigeration equipment, and electrical appliances. But stainless steel is also notorious for picking up fingerprints, dirt, and grime, which means it has to be cleaned regularly for it to be hygienic.

If you are struggling to keep your stainless steel ¬†surfaces clean, here’s some top tips for doing so.


You can buy ready-made stainless steel cleaners from any supermarket. These are most usually spray cleaners; Electrolux SteelCare and Cif Stainless Steel Spray are both highly recommended for their cleaning ability. You can also buy stainless steel wipes; Ecotech Surface Sanitiser Wipes and Wieman Stainless Steel Wipes are both top products. When wiping the stainless steel clean, use microfibre.

Product tips:

  • Avoid harsh chemical sprays and avoid anything abrasive

  • Avoid wire wool and any other rough surface cloths

  • NEVER use bleach or vehicle stainless steel cleaner


Spray or apply your cleaner to the most soiled areas of the stainless steel and apply a light layer elsewhere. Leave the cleaner to break down the soiled areas for one minute, before wiping the surface in the direction of the grain, working hard to remove the most soiled spots. This process may take more than one application for dried and stubborn stains. Repeat the process if necessary.

Application tips:

  • Always try to wipe or scrub with the grain rather than in circular motions

  • Leave solution for up to two minutes to break down tougher stains

  • Ensure that all cleaning solutions are thoroughly dried after cleaning

Regular cleaning

If your stainless steel surfaces have extremely stubborn stains, then chances are they’re not being cleaned often enough. The best way to keep stainless steel clean is to give it a wipe down every time you use it, to prevent a build up of stains. This process MUST be done in restaurant kitchens and for other commercial stainless steel surfaces to ensure proper hygiene and safety.

Regular cleaning tips:

  • Use an anti-bacterial cleaner to ensure surface cleanliness

  • Avoid using the same cloth too often to prevent the spreading of germs

  • Mop up spillages as soon as they happen to avoid permanent marks

Do you have your own stainless steel cleaning tips? Perhaps you work with commercial stainless steel appliances and have some tricks of the trade? Be sure to share your comments with us below.

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