Air Conditioning Units – The different types

Air Conditioning – Different Types

Air Conditioning can take many forms. The correct type of installation for your business depends on the area you wish to heat or cool, along with the specifications of the units available. Of course, personal preference is also a contributing factor. 

There are solutions available to meet the requirements of all budgets and individual preferences. Below is a look at the most common types.

Small Split System

Air Conditioning Unit

When working to a budget and when you only require air conditioning in one room at a time, a small split system could be the perfect choice for you.

A small split system consists of a small indoor unit capable of heating and cooling. This small unit is connected to an external unit which has the ability to keep unwanted heat outside. If a small split system looks the correct fit for your needs please contact us to discuss manufacturers that we recommend.

Medium Split System

Medium Split Systems take the capabilities of small split systems up a gear, while working in much the same way. Where the small split system is ideally suited to heating or cooling just one room within a commercial or residential property, a medium split system has the ability to manage multiple rooms. 

Multi-Split System

For larger buildings requiring air conditioning a multi-split system is a more realistic fit. Suitable for office suites, larger apartments and the like, internal units are connected to an external bank of outdoor units usually situated on the roof of a building or a dedicated area specifically designed to house the units.

If you have a large premises and you want to make sure that the whole place is temperature controlled then you might want to look at larger industrial cooling units. These work in much the same way as smaller units, they’re just more tailored towards larger premises where a smaller unit just won’t do the job. Talk to us for friendly advice on all your air conditioning and refrigeration needs and how we can incorporate quality units from manufacturers like Daikin into your business!

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