The Rise of Home Air Conditioning Units in the UK

The United Kingdom has never had a particularly warm climate, although 100 years ago we did have more consistent seasons, with a lot of snow in the winter and a lot of sunshine in the summer. Today, we’re not so lucky, and the British weather is often a talking point among us – why is my windscreen frozen in September? Why is it red hot in April?

Over the past 5 years in particular we have been witness to some odd weather. In 2012, British scientists declared the UK had experienced its weirdest weather on record. 2013 wasn’t much better, so you wouldn’t be a fool to predict that 2014 will have its fair share of weird weather, too.

It is due to this unpredictability that there has been a rise in the number of installations of home air conditioning units in the UK. Air conditioning is a standard feature among properties in warmer climates, and especially so in Australia, Spain, and some states of America.

No longer the reserve of hospital wards, expensive hotels and cars, home air conditioning units are available to any homeowner, and it costs much less than people think.

It isn’t the bog-standard air conditioning unit which cools air which is the most popular in the UK, though – it’s HVAC units.

A HVAC unit will both heat and cool air. Thus, it is ideal for the unpredictable British weather. No matter how warm or cold it is outside, a HVAC unit gifts the user maximum control over their environment, in a way that central heating and other heating systems can only hope to achieve.

These appliances are also more energy-efficient than central heating systems. On average, for HVAC to cost the same to use as an electric central heating system, you would need four per room in a three bedroom home. Because you only need one per room (or one per two rooms, depending on the size), the HVAC unit is a popular appliance among those looking to save money, and with SSE announcing bumper profits after raising their energy prices, who can blame them.

We think that key to the growth of home air conditioning units in the UK is the sense that we’re behind the times, as there are countries out there who could be classed as less economically developed that have the benefits of air con in every building.

With our weather becoming more unpredictable, home air conditioning units will come into their own in the summer, when every one of your friends on Facebook is complaining about the heat and not being able to get to sleep, whilst your home is at a perfect temperature.

The ability to control ones climate has never seemed so appealing.

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