Vital Tips for Choosing an Air Conditioning Company

If you’re thinking about having air conditioning installed into your home or business, then bravo – there is simply no better way to control your climate. You likely already understand the benefits that air conditioning bring to a property and the types of air conditioning suitable to you, so the next step is to choose the best company for you.

The air conditioning company you choose will likely be with you for a long time, because not only are they going to supply and install that equipment for you, but they’re also going to be servicing your air con appliances and providing after support. As such, it’s important to choose the right one, because the last thing you want is to pay over the odds or have a cowboy business mess up the install.

Here’s some vital tips for choosing an air-conditioning company.

Is The Air Conditioning Company Local?

With air conditioning it’s important to consider your local businesses first. Why? Well, not only will you be helping to keep a local company in business, but if anything goes wrong your air con supplier will be close by to offer you assistance. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to wait days for a call out, and also, local businesses usually have the best rates.

If going local isn’t an option, consider an established national brand.

What Do They Do

There are plenty of air conditioning suppliers in the UK who simply supply and install air con units, without any after support. This isn’t what you want. Ideally, you want to give money to a business which will provide good support and a comprehensive service plan too (just like any appliance, air conditioning units need to be maintained). So, look into what services your chosen suppliers offer to determine which is the best.


Air con units come with a manufacturer warranty as standard, but how they are installed is down to you and the company you hire. Establish whether or not the air conditioning company you like offers an installation warranty, or a 12 month guarantee on parts and labour.

Always Read The Reviews

Businesses can no longer escape the wrath of angry customers, because the internet is freely available to everybody. When you have narrowed down your air conditioning company or companies of choice, search on Google for any customer testimonials, reviews, or forum threads. You should search for ‘company name + reviews’ or ‘company name + scam’ and see if anything shows up.

Another place to look is on business websites for testimonials. Video reviews are always the best, whilst Trust Pilot integration is a close second.

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