A Look At The Different Manufacturers Of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is one of the most useful inventions for the office. Not only does air conditioning keep a room temperature low, but by doing so it creates a more sterile environment for workers and a greater level of comfort during the hotter months. Modern air conditioning units can even cool or heat air in an environmentally-friendly way, which can reduce a company’s overall energy bills.

Let’s take a look at the different manufacturers of air conditioning.

Wall air conditioners

The following manufacturers have wall air conditioners on the market:


EcoAir are manufacturers of some of the best performing and most energy efficient air conditioners on the market. The ECO2416SD 24000 BTU is a prime example offering power and the latest technology.


Fujitsu have manufactured air conditioning units for a number of years catering for homes and industrial applications alike. The Fujitsu ASYG09LMCA air con system is a reliable and cost-effective example.


Hitachi are manufacturers of the latest ElectriQ wall-mounted air conditioners. These air con units are reasonably cost-effective high-performance machines designed for complete temperature control.


Although better known for TVs and smartphones, LG have a number of reliable and powerful air con units on the market today, such as the P09RK.NSB/UA3 which has a 9,000btu output at a great price.


Midea’s air conditioning units are found in retail stores up and down the country. The Midea SSRFC24 24000 BTU air conditioning unit is a prime example of the commercial air con units made by Midea.


Prem-I-Air are manufacturers of stylish, high-performance air conditioning units that are much cheaper than you might think. Their Air9000 is a cost-effective air conditioner for year round climate control.

Portable air conditioning units

The following manufacturers have portable air conditioners on the market:


Beldray manufacture cost-effective portable air conditioners in 4-litre and 5-litre guises. Designed for hot, stuffy and poorly ventilated rooms, Beldray conditioners are a cheaper solution to air conditioning.


Challenge has one portable air conditioner on the market. It costs more than the Beldray options but it’s a more advanced machine with 2 speed settings, a 24-hour timer, and A energy efficiency class.


Much-loved by British consumers, Electrolux have launched the Air Comfort EXP09HN1WI that cools and purifies air. This product has the potential to decrease room temperature by 2 to 3 degrees.


Olimpia portable air conditioning units are well-known for their reliability and performance. The Olimpia Splendid Eco 9500 BTU portable air conditioner is a great little unit for year-round climate control.

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