Is Commercial Refrigeration In Schools Different To Other Industries?

This is the first article in a new Q&A series by ACL Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, which aims to answer clearly the many questions that our customers have about the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Today’s question, ” Is commercial refrigeration in schools different to other industries?”, is commonly asked by our education-based clients seeking bespoke commercial refrigeration solutions.

Q: Is commercial refrigeration in schools different to other industries? A: Not really, commercial refrigeration in schools is usually very similar to other industries: Schools are a unique proposal for us as decision-makers tend to be extremely conscious of concerns surrounding health and safety and hygiene – this usually translates to the customer being educated in the latest commercial refrigeration equipment and any best practices that need to be implemented. In schools, the types of equipment are however the same as many other industries, such as the hotel and leisure industry, hospitality industry, catering industry, and distribution industries. Catering fridges, commercial freezers, display fridges, and under counter fridges are common in schools, colleges, and universities, from brands such as Porkka, Sadia, Williams, Foster, Gram, and Caravell – these types of equipment and brands are the same as in any other industry, favoured by organisations who wish to have the latest refrigeration equipment and technologies such as cold rooms and commercial freezers. Interestingly, the education sector tends to be much more vigilant with regard to commercial refrigeration servicing and maintenance. This is due to the fact that serving off food to children, or experiencing a breakdown in a school and thus being unable to cater for thousands of children and teenagers, is a far more daunting and embarrassing prospect than a similar case in a restaurant. Schools also tend to hold onto equipment and installations longer than other industries due to having a very limited budget, but because of their vigilance with regard to servicing and maintenance, older commercial refrigeration equipment in schools tends to last a long time. Get in touch with ACL Refrigeration & Air Conditioning for commercial refrigeration in schools ACL Refrigeration & Air Conditioning offers the fastest turnaround time for cold room installation, air conditioning installation, and the installation of all other commercial refrigeration equipment. Get in touch with us on 0113 350 2989 to find out more about our commercial refrigeration solutions for schools, colleges, and universities, as well as our servicing and maintenance solutions.

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