A Look At Porkka Cold Rooms

If you need a commercial refrigeration unit for your facility, you may already know the challenges of simply purchasing a large refrigerator or freezer. These are not always the best solution for any facility; consider some reasons why this is and why Porkka cold rooms can be a better choice.

Wasted Space Refrigerators and freezers take up quite a large footprint in your establishment, while often much of their interior space is wasted. It can be difficult to access items in the back of the refrigerator or freezer and loading larger packages and bulk items is often nearly impossible with these units, so the area in the back of the unit or on the lower shelves is wasted. Walk-in units allow you to use a very available part of the space, and loading or unloading larger packages and bulk items is much easier with a cold room than it is with a standard refrigerator or freezer unit. You can arrange shelves as you wish with a walk-in unit so everything is organised and no space is left unused, as often happens with a standard refrigerator or freezer. Ease of Use With standard refrigerators and freezers, it can be difficult to load and unload bulk items but with a Porkka walk-in unit, you can even wheel in your dolly or pallet and load and unload right in the cold storage room! This makes it easier to receive items and to take out what you need. It can also make loading and stocking items faster as you don’t need to actually pull bulk items out of their packaging or containers to put them away, but can simply unload the boxes or bags and then remove items from these. This ease of use can also make inventory easier on you as you can have better visual access to all the items in a cold room. You don’t need to pull items out of shelves or drawers but can simply stand and see everything you have on hand. Easy to Install Some might assume that they cannot have a cold room in their facility because they don’t want the expense or hassle of having it installed but Porkka offers modular units that are affordable and easy to use. This allows anyone that needs a refrigerated unit to have such in their facility, no matter their use and no matter the space available.

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