3 Of The Most Unusual Air Conditioning Installations

When you think about installing an air conditioning unit, you might think of a central air unit that is installed outside your home or a window unit in the living room or bedroom. These are certainly the most popular types of air conditioning, but they’re not the only types you’ll find around the world.

Check out three of the most unusual air conditioning installations you’ll ever see.

1. In bus shelters. Dubai is known for its heat and its wealth, so it’s no surprise that it has many air conditioned bus shelters in the city. These shelters are typically the same size as any bus stop you might see but they are built to be self-contained and enclosed, with an outside generator that runs the air conditioning unit when temperatures are at their highest. The bus shelters also typically boast leather seats and spotlessly clean interiors, as you would expect to see in one of the world’s wealthiest countries. 2. On the roof of a golf cart. A golf cart doesn’t offer much protection from the blazing sun during the warmest months, which is why some may now be equipped with rooftop air conditioning units. These carts typically have vinyl sides which zip like a tent so you can sit inside and keep the cool air in as much as possible. The units are attached to fans that are on the ceiling of the cart so they blow cooler air at your face rather than your feet. They may not be standard on all golf carts yet but considering how hot it can get on a course in the tropics during summer months, it’s no wonder they’re becoming more popular every season. 3. In bed. Japanese manufacturers have designed a special accessory that works to keep you cool in bed. This air conditioning unit operates with two fans that sit at the foot of a specially designed pad, and it pulls hot air out of the pad while circulating cool air through vents, keeping you comfortable. The pad sits right over your mattress and can lower your body temperature even during the hottest summer nights. Check out these three unusual air conditioners which are available online. They may seem odd at the moment but considering how cool they can keep you, it might not be long before they make their way to the mainstream market!

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