6 Ways To Keep Cool (Or Warm) Without Using Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is great, but not everybody has access to it. If you’re somebody who is without air conditioning, here’s 6 ways to keep cool or warm without an air conditioning system.

Keeping cool

  1. Use a dehumidifier

Managing moisture is essential to keeping cool. Moisture is what creates that sticky, thick air that makes you sweat and feel uncomfortable. A dehumidifier is a fantastic appliance to manage moisture – these suck in the air from your room and blow it back out moisture-free.

  1. Move your indoor plants outside

Indoor plants are great for air quality, but they also produce a lot of airborne moisture. You can reduce the level of humidity in the air by moving your indoor plants outside or at the very least near to a window that’s safe to be left open for most of the day during the summer.

  1. Get cold

Have a cold shower or a cold bath to make you feel more comfortable. A temperature of around 75°F should be just right to cool you down. Cold water can also be splashed on the back of your neck and your face to cool you down quickly (and much faster than cold air).

Keeping warm

  1. Dress in layers

Arctic explorers dress in layers and you should too – especially when stepping outside. Indoors, you can do the same, but without the windproof jacket – wear a t-shirt with a jumper and a fleece on top of that to feel nice and snug. Or, throw a dressing gown over your normal clothes.

  1. Buy thicker curtains

If you live in an older property or any property without double glazing, you should definitely invest in some thick curtains. The key here is to use layers – hang drapes next to the window and then have a pair of thermal curtains to stop draughts from getting through.

  1. Clear your radiators

It can be tempting to hang clothes on radiators to warm them up, but you shouldn’t. Doing so traps large amounts of heat that won’t help to heat your home. If you are using your central heating system once a day keep them clear and move large pieces of furniture away from them.

All in all, keeping cool or warm without air conditioning is entirely possible. Be sure to use our top tips and keep yourself comfortable this year.

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