What To Look For When Considering A Second Hand Air Conditioner

Buying a second hand air conditioner is akin to buying a second hand car. The process is much the same – you find a model that suits your budget and needs, you go and inspect that model and if everything is in order you buy it. But, as with buying a car, there are certain things that you should consider when buying a second hand air conditioner – things which are often overlooked but are essentials in order to come away with an appliance that’s worth the money.

So, here’s our guide on what to look for when considering a second hand air conditioner.


Size matters – the required cooling capacity for an air conditioner depends on the size of the room it’s to be installed within. So before you start to look at used air conditioners, find out what output you need your air conditioner to have. Most people buy air conditioners that are too large but contrary to belief these are less effective, and they also waste a lot of energy.


Buying a second hand air conditioner that’s over five years old or more is fine – so long as it has been serviced at the required intervals and well looked after. As with buying a car, the cosmetic and internal condition of the air conditioner is important – poor cosmetic condition can point toward a unit that’s not been well looked after. We recommend having an expert check it over.


As with any appliance, the times move on. Although you might be able to buy a top of the range model from three years ago for a bargain price second hand now, the latest like-for-like version might be cheaper just as effective – so that’s something to consider. Secondly, air conditioners depreciate, so if you are going to buy one second hand consider its future retail value.


Regular air conditioning servicing is important to keep it in tip top condition, but in-between service intervals regular maintenance is important too. So look for second hand air conditioners that are easy to maintain – most modern air conditioners have a filter that slides out easily for regular cleaning and most will have logically placed controls to turn off your air conditioner.

If the air conditioner you want to buy isn’t easy to clean, it isn’t a deal-breaker though.

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