4 Best Practices All Air Conditioning Companies Should Follow

Having your air conditioning system installed and maintained properly is essential. There are a number of benefits that can be gained through choosing an air conditioning company that maintains high standards and follows only the best practices in the industry. These benefits include efficiency, effectiveness and longevity of your air conditioning system. This means that if you want the ability to save money in the long run and ensure that the air quality within your home is optimal, you need to be careful with your air conditioning company selection.

When you are choosing an air conditioning company, these are the 4 best practices to look for:

  1. Annual maintenance
  2. MERV rating
  3. Protect air conditioning system
  4. Adequate installation

Let’s take a look at these best practices in greater detail.

1 Annual Maintenance It is essential that yearly maintenance is performed on your air conditioning system. Many of the best air conditioning companies offer annual service programs designed to inspect your unit and look for signs of damage or wear. This type of annual inspections allows for all problems with your air conditioning unit to be noticed right away. 2 MERV Rating Having an air conditioning system that runs efficiently is reliant on having an air filter installed that meets the required MERV ratings. The best air conditioning companies in the industry make it a point to install filters designed to work efficiently. High quality filters have the ability to pull fine particles from the air and improve air quality immensely. This means that the MERV rating of air filter is important and you need a company that follows established air filter rating guidelines. 3 Protect Air Conditioning System It is not enough for your air conditioning system to be inspected once a year. It is also essential that you choose an air conditioning company that puts a premium on air conditioning protection. By cleaning and protecting the coil fins, condensate drain and all outdoor AC units, your air conditioning system will work effectively each year and last longer. You need an air conditioning company that practices protection. 4 Adequate Installation Having your air conditioning system properly installed is essential. The best air conditioning companies make sure that you have an air conditioning system installed that is properly sized, connected to a well-sealed duct system, operating with a sufficient airflow system and installed with the right amount of refrigerant. These are just some of the best practices to look for in an air conditioning company within your region.

Air Conditioning – Repair Tips That Can Save You Money

Your air conditioner is important because it keeps your home cool and comfortable even as temperatures outdoors continue to rise. However, over time your air conditioning system can wear or become damaged requiring repair. If you are looking to save money on air conditioning repairs, it is important that you make maintenance of your AC unit a priority.

Here are a few air conditioning repair tips that will save you money in the long run: Replace Air Conditioning Filters If you are looking to avoid clogs and blocked airflow within your air conditioner, you need to change the air filter regularly. This is an expensive way to avoid major issues down the road. If airflow becomes obstructed due to a dirty filter, this can lead to major repair issues involving the evaporator coil. Not only can replacing your filter regularly ensure that the evaporator coil maintains proper heat absorbency, but it can also reduce the totalling consumption of your cooling unit by more than 5%. Check Your Evaporator Coil Annually Changing your air filter regularly can help you avoid major repairs involving your evaporator coil, but you should still change this part once a year. Your evaporator coil will collect dirt over time and needs to be replaced to ensure that airflow is not restricted. If it is not very dirty, you can simply clean it thoroughly to keep a major repair need from happening. Coil Fin Repair If your coil fins on your Air conditioning system are not functioning properly, you may be able to repair them on your own. These aluminium fins will start to bend automatically overtime, which can lead to blocked airflow. However, it is possible to purchase a tool that is referred to as a fin comb. This comb can be used to comb back the fin coils to their original position. All you need is this affordable and easy to use tool to get the job done. You can avoid costly repairs if you do this on your own. Condensate Drains If you want to avoid expensive repairs involving your condensate drains on your air conditioning system, you must maintain these drains by pushing a stiff wire brush through the unit drain channels periodically. This keeps the unit from reducing humidity. All of these tips and quick fixes will keep you from having to spend excessive amounts of money on air conditioning repairs in the future.

3 Of The Most Unusual Air Conditioning Installations

When you think about installing an air conditioning unit, you might think of a central air unit that is installed outside your home or a window unit in the living room or bedroom. These are certainly the most popular types of air conditioning, but they’re not the only types you’ll find around the world.

Check out three of the most unusual air conditioning installations you’ll ever see.

1. In bus shelters. Dubai is known for its heat and its wealth, so it’s no surprise that it has many air conditioned bus shelters in the city. These shelters are typically the same size as any bus stop you might see but they are built to be self-contained and enclosed, with an outside generator that runs the air conditioning unit when temperatures are at their highest. The bus shelters also typically boast leather seats and spotlessly clean interiors, as you would expect to see in one of the world’s wealthiest countries. 2. On the roof of a golf cart. A golf cart doesn’t offer much protection from the blazing sun during the warmest months, which is why some may now be equipped with rooftop air conditioning units. These carts typically have vinyl sides which zip like a tent so you can sit inside and keep the cool air in as much as possible. The units are attached to fans that are on the ceiling of the cart so they blow cooler air at your face rather than your feet. They may not be standard on all golf carts yet but considering how hot it can get on a course in the tropics during summer months, it’s no wonder they’re becoming more popular every season. 3. In bed. Japanese manufacturers have designed a special accessory that works to keep you cool in bed. This air conditioning unit operates with two fans that sit at the foot of a specially designed pad, and it pulls hot air out of the pad while circulating cool air through vents, keeping you comfortable. The pad sits right over your mattress and can lower your body temperature even during the hottest summer nights. Check out these three unusual air conditioners which are available online. They may seem odd at the moment but considering how cool they can keep you, it might not be long before they make their way to the mainstream market!

A Look At Porkka Cold Rooms

If you need a commercial refrigeration unit for your facility, you may already know the challenges of simply purchasing a large refrigerator or freezer. These are not always the best solution for any facility; consider some reasons why this is and why Porkka cold rooms can be a better choice.

Wasted Space Refrigerators and freezers take up quite a large footprint in your establishment, while often much of their interior space is wasted. It can be difficult to access items in the back of the refrigerator or freezer and loading larger packages and bulk items is often nearly impossible with these units, so the area in the back of the unit or on the lower shelves is wasted. Walk-in units allow you to use a very available part of the space, and loading or unloading larger packages and bulk items is much easier with a cold room than it is with a standard refrigerator or freezer unit. You can arrange shelves as you wish with a walk-in unit so everything is organised and no space is left unused, as often happens with a standard refrigerator or freezer. Ease of Use With standard refrigerators and freezers, it can be difficult to load and unload bulk items but with a Porkka walk-in unit, you can even wheel in your dolly or pallet and load and unload right in the cold storage room! This makes it easier to receive items and to take out what you need. It can also make loading and stocking items faster as you don’t need to actually pull bulk items out of their packaging or containers to put them away, but can simply unload the boxes or bags and then remove items from these. This ease of use can also make inventory easier on you as you can have better visual access to all the items in a cold room. You don’t need to pull items out of shelves or drawers but can simply stand and see everything you have on hand. Easy to Install Some might assume that they cannot have a cold room in their facility because they don’t want the expense or hassle of having it installed but Porkka offers modular units that are affordable and easy to use. This allows anyone that needs a refrigerated unit to have such in their facility, no matter their use and no matter the space available.

Preparing Your Air Conditioning For The Colder Months

If you want your air conditioner to last the usual 15 to 20 year lifespan, it’s vital that you take care of it and maintain it properly. This includes caring for it during the winter months as snow and moisture pile up around the unit and it stays idle for several months. Many homeowners have a mistaken idea about how to maintain their air conditioning unit during the winter, so consider some simple tips in this regard.

1. Keep it clear. As leaves and snow begin to fall during the autumn and winter months, be sure that you keep your air conditioner unit clear by several feet. Allowing snow to pile up even around the base can allow moisture to seep into the unit and in turn, it can begin to rust and parts begin to break down. The motor may need to work harder once you switch it back on during the summer months and you’ll notice higher utility bills and earlier signs of wear and tear. When you go out to rake leaves or shovel snow, be sure you do the same around your air conditioning unit. 2. Don’t cover it completely. Some shops sell air conditioning covers and often show them covering the air conditioning unit completely. However, if you wrap your unit tightly and cover it completely you can actually allow moisture and condensation to build up in the unit and in turn, it can begin to rust. It’s better if you don’t cover the unit completely but leave enough room to let it breathe. It might be recommended that you put a piece of plywood or a thick board over the top of the unit before you cover it so that the cover doesn’t sit right on the unit. This will allow it some air so moisture can escape during winter. 3. Get a tune-up every spring. In the spring, schedule a tune-up for your air conditioner. A professional can come out and inspect your entire unit, clean it, dry it off from any moisture, and check the major parts like the compressor. This will ensure it’s in good working order and that you won’t damage the unit the first time you turn it on. A spring tune-up can extend the life of your unit and keep it working effectively and efficiently all season long. This is one of the best things you can do to protect it during the colder months.

Questions To Ask When Choosing An Air Conditioning Company

When you need to choose a contractor to install an air conditioner for your home or office, you may be surprised at the number of choices you see online. There are not only companies that specialize in air conditioning installation but builders and even roofers can typically install these for you. Before you make a decision on the best choice of contractor for you, consider the following questions to ask. This will ensure you choose the right company that will do the best job.

1. What does their website look like? A professional air conditioning company should have a good website that is easy to navigate and that tells you what you need to know about their services. A good contractor will be able to afford a website that is responsive to a customer’s needs and that answers your basic questions. If a website is difficult to navigate or doesn’t give you the information you need, this can tell you that the company itself may not be responsive to the needs of their customers. 2. Do they include maintenance contracts? Your air conditioning will eventually need maintenance and repairs, and it’s good to have the same company that installs your unit also handle the maintenance contract. They will know what needs to be done for your unit in particular and often a maintenance contract with the same company will be cheaper than if you had an outside company service your unit. Always ask if they offer maintenance and service contracts for all the units they install. 3. Do they offer a variety of units? When you want to have an air conditioning unit installed in your home or office, you may want a few different choices for yourself. For example, if you operate a small office you may want a central unit but then a portable one just for the manager’s office if he or she works after hours. You then won’t need to run the larger unit during the off-hours. In your home you may want the same option, putting a unit in a bedroom window along with a central air unit. The more options a company offers you, the more qualified they are to handle the job. Remember these simple but important questions when you need to install a new air conditioning unit. This will ensure you choose the best company or your home or office.

Top Tips For Keeping Stainless Steel Clean

Stainless steel is robust and hygienic which makes it the ideal material for kitchen work surfaces, commercial refrigeration equipment, and electrical appliances. But stainless steel is also notorious for picking up fingerprints, dirt, and grime, which means it has to be cleaned regularly for it to be hygienic.

If you are struggling to keep your stainless steel  surfaces clean, here’s some top tips for doing so.


You can buy ready-made stainless steel cleaners from any supermarket. These are most usually spray cleaners; Electrolux SteelCare and Cif Stainless Steel Spray are both highly recommended for their cleaning ability. You can also buy stainless steel wipes; Ecotech Surface Sanitiser Wipes and Wieman Stainless Steel Wipes are both top products. When wiping the stainless steel clean, use microfibre.

Product tips:

  • Avoid harsh chemical sprays and avoid anything abrasive

  • Avoid wire wool and any other rough surface cloths

  • NEVER use bleach or vehicle stainless steel cleaner


Spray or apply your cleaner to the most soiled areas of the stainless steel and apply a light layer elsewhere. Leave the cleaner to break down the soiled areas for one minute, before wiping the surface in the direction of the grain, working hard to remove the most soiled spots. This process may take more than one application for dried and stubborn stains. Repeat the process if necessary.

Application tips:

  • Always try to wipe or scrub with the grain rather than in circular motions

  • Leave solution for up to two minutes to break down tougher stains

  • Ensure that all cleaning solutions are thoroughly dried after cleaning

Regular cleaning

If your stainless steel surfaces have extremely stubborn stains, then chances are they’re not being cleaned often enough. The best way to keep stainless steel clean is to give it a wipe down every time you use it, to prevent a build up of stains. This process MUST be done in restaurant kitchens and for other commercial stainless steel surfaces to ensure proper hygiene and safety.

Regular cleaning tips:

  • Use an anti-bacterial cleaner to ensure surface cleanliness

  • Avoid using the same cloth too often to prevent the spreading of germs

  • Mop up spillages as soon as they happen to avoid permanent marks

Do you have your own stainless steel cleaning tips? Perhaps you work with commercial stainless steel appliances and have some tricks of the trade? Be sure to share your comments with us below.

How Much Food Is Wasted Due To A Lack Of Commercial Refrigeration Servicing?

In 2010 it was reported by The Independent that UK restaurants waste 600,000 tons of food a year. At the time, this wastage was blamed on the growing popularity of ‘US-style portions’ as it was found that one-third of that 600,000 tons of waste was left on customers’ plates.

But what about the other 400,000 tons?

It’s fair to assume that at least 50,000 tons of food is wasted every year due to commercial refrigeration break downs and failures – break downs and failures that may arise from a lack of commercial refrigeration servicing and maintenance. This food, if thawed or heated to room temperature, would have to be thrown out by restaurants as the risk of serving it to customers is too great.

A lack of commercial refrigeration servicing and maintenance may not lead to one large appliance failure though – as components age and breakdown, an appliance – for example a cold room – becomes less efficient. The ability for that appliance to keep food at a consistent temperature is compromised which may lead to partial thawing, partial cooling, and dodgy food. Again, this food would have to be thrown away, which over a year would cost a restaurant a considerable amount of money.

Restaurants can avoid this by simply getting their appliances properly serviced.

So when should I have commercial refrigeration servicing carried out?

Commercial refrigeration, like all refrigeration applications, needs maintenance and servicing. How often your commercial refrigeration needs servicing will depend on the make and model of the appliances you have, as well as the level of use that those appliances experience. But in general, at ACL Refrigeration we tend to recommend that companies with commercial refrigeration have their appliances serviced every 12 months. This ensures that an appliance runs efficiently throughout the year and minimises the risk of down-time, which could prove extremely costly, as we discussed above.

Contact ACL for commercial refrigeration servicing

At ACL Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we’re proud to work with some of the largest manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment in the UK. As such, we have a huge level of experience servicing and maintaining commercial refrigeration units through general breakdown and maintenance callouts, service contracts, and maintenance contracts. Call ACL on 0113 350 2989 to find out more about our flexible and friendly commercial refrigeration servicing and maintenance solutions.

Is Commercial Refrigeration In Schools Different To Other Industries?

This is the first article in a new Q&A series by ACL Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, which aims to answer clearly the many questions that our customers have about the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Today’s question, ” Is commercial refrigeration in schools different to other industries?”, is commonly asked by our education-based clients seeking bespoke commercial refrigeration solutions.

Q: Is commercial refrigeration in schools different to other industries? A: Not really, commercial refrigeration in schools is usually very similar to other industries: Schools are a unique proposal for us as decision-makers tend to be extremely conscious of concerns surrounding health and safety and hygiene – this usually translates to the customer being educated in the latest commercial refrigeration equipment and any best practices that need to be implemented. In schools, the types of equipment are however the same as many other industries, such as the hotel and leisure industry, hospitality industry, catering industry, and distribution industries. Catering fridges, commercial freezers, display fridges, and under counter fridges are common in schools, colleges, and universities, from brands such as Porkka, Sadia, Williams, Foster, Gram, and Caravell – these types of equipment and brands are the same as in any other industry, favoured by organisations who wish to have the latest refrigeration equipment and technologies such as cold rooms and commercial freezers. Interestingly, the education sector tends to be much more vigilant with regard to commercial refrigeration servicing and maintenance. This is due to the fact that serving off food to children, or experiencing a breakdown in a school and thus being unable to cater for thousands of children and teenagers, is a far more daunting and embarrassing prospect than a similar case in a restaurant. Schools also tend to hold onto equipment and installations longer than other industries due to having a very limited budget, but because of their vigilance with regard to servicing and maintenance, older commercial refrigeration equipment in schools tends to last a long time. Get in touch with ACL Refrigeration & Air Conditioning for commercial refrigeration in schools ACL Refrigeration & Air Conditioning offers the fastest turnaround time for cold room installation, air conditioning installation, and the installation of all other commercial refrigeration equipment. Get in touch with us on 0113 350 2989 to find out more about our commercial refrigeration solutions for schools, colleges, and universities, as well as our servicing and maintenance solutions.

A Look At The Different Manufacturers Of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is one of the most useful inventions for the office. Not only does air conditioning keep a room temperature low, but by doing so it creates a more sterile environment for workers and a greater level of comfort during the hotter months. Modern air conditioning units can even cool or heat air in an environmentally-friendly way, which can reduce a company’s overall energy bills.

Let’s take a look at the different manufacturers of air conditioning.

Wall air conditioners

The following manufacturers have wall air conditioners on the market:


EcoAir are manufacturers of some of the best performing and most energy efficient air conditioners on the market. The ECO2416SD 24000 BTU is a prime example offering power and the latest technology.


Fujitsu have manufactured air conditioning units for a number of years catering for homes and industrial applications alike. The Fujitsu ASYG09LMCA air con system is a reliable and cost-effective example.


Hitachi are manufacturers of the latest ElectriQ wall-mounted air conditioners. These air con units are reasonably cost-effective high-performance machines designed for complete temperature control.


Although better known for TVs and smartphones, LG have a number of reliable and powerful air con units on the market today, such as the P09RK.NSB/UA3 which has a 9,000btu output at a great price.


Midea’s air conditioning units are found in retail stores up and down the country. The Midea SSRFC24 24000 BTU air conditioning unit is a prime example of the commercial air con units made by Midea.


Prem-I-Air are manufacturers of stylish, high-performance air conditioning units that are much cheaper than you might think. Their Air9000 is a cost-effective air conditioner for year round climate control.

Portable air conditioning units

The following manufacturers have portable air conditioners on the market:


Beldray manufacture cost-effective portable air conditioners in 4-litre and 5-litre guises. Designed for hot, stuffy and poorly ventilated rooms, Beldray conditioners are a cheaper solution to air conditioning.


Challenge has one portable air conditioner on the market. It costs more than the Beldray options but it’s a more advanced machine with 2 speed settings, a 24-hour timer, and A energy efficiency class.


Much-loved by British consumers, Electrolux have launched the Air Comfort EXP09HN1WI that cools and purifies air. This product has the potential to decrease room temperature by 2 to 3 degrees.


Olimpia portable air conditioning units are well-known for their reliability and performance. The Olimpia Splendid Eco 9500 BTU portable air conditioner is a great little unit for year-round climate control.